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09 HHR Malmi is a free of charge, low threshold activity center for children and youth at the age of 7 to 16.

In Malmin Palloiluhalli you can meet friends, enjoy a variety of games or participate in organized sports such as street dance, parkour, basketball, futsal or floorball. We encourage young people to bring out their own ideas in to the development of content. They have the opportunity to share their experiences and expertise with other young people and instructors.

We support children between 7-16 year old and young people in adaptation without economic, cultural or ethnic barriers. We are developing their social interaction skills, self-reliance, and physical skills. We offer different cultures to young people in a natural, open and safe meeting place. 09 HHR Malmi activity center takes action for the school health survey to raise concerns about the lack of friendship relations. Malmi children and young people work side by side together, even though if the starting points are different.

Activities are free and open. The target group is young people aged 7-16. The activities are organized in Malmi ballsports hall every weekday from 13 pm until 16 pm.

09 HHR Malmi Activity center is located at:
Malmin Palloiluhalli
Siemenkuja 3
00700 Helsinki

For more information contact Corresponding Instructor:

Mishel Odeh
+358 45 3105335