MOK is an education program for the leaders of multicultural groups, that helps to evaluate how their role and actions affect members from different backgrounds.

Because of 09 HHR clubs multi-cultural characteristics the club coaches competence differs from the required level. For this lack of know-how we will aim to find a solution through multicultural training for coaches.

In the education a guided framework is being provided that helps them reflect on their roles to help achieve better integration. Different learning methods alongside proven tools are used during the five stages of this program, allowing time for self-reflection and practice with their own groups.

Check out the program website here.

MOK-education consists of five steps:

1. Influence of the culture
2. Cross Cultural interaction skills
3. Multicultural group dynamics
4. From the ‘otherness’ to ‘usness’
5. Examining practices

MOK is funded by Finland’s Slotmachine association

For more information contact:

Tiia Soininen
+358 45 8751530

Pierre Jallow
+358 40 0897909

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