We joined Eid celebrations at Kallahti youth center in September 3rd. Eid alAdha is the second of two holidays in the islamic culture, celebrated worldwide each year.

09 HHR took part in celebrations by organizing games for children and youth at the youth center. The younger children did gymnastics and older children played different ball sports. There was plenty of things to do for everybody and the participants took breaks by eating the delicacies of the Eid. Despite language barriers, the children took part in games without any hesitations. A large portion of the participants spoke only arabic, but older children helped briskly by translating the instructor when necessary.

A large portion of the participants were women and children, who had just moved to Finland. When children played at the youth center’s gym hall, the mothers discussed important matters that would help in acculturing to the country. Many of the participants went and took a henna tattoo, which is a traditional part of the celebrations.

Text & photo: Sofia Sormunen (in Finnish), translation by Mikko Matikka

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