Mishel from 09 HHR (right) overseeing some skilled acrobatics. Photo: Mikael Poutianen

09 Helsinki Human Rights and Boosti project hosted a sports event at Malmin Ballsports arena for local school children in February 15th.

Local 1-4th graders from Pukinmäenkaari and Hiidenkivi schools joined the afternoon activities, along with our regular participants. The event gathered a lot of interest in local schools and nearly 200 children arrived at Palloiluhalli.

The children got their chance at trying out diffenent sports in three different sections. Boosti held a kick boxing checkpoint in the downstairs wrestling mat, and upstairs sports courts hosted team game, trampoline and sumo suit challenges.

The event was created by youth from Boosti project who were in charge of the communications and photographing. Along with coordinating the event, they also took part in helping instructing children in the checkpoints.

The day was a success and the children had a go at different sports and got acquainted with 09 HHR’s and Boosti’s work.

09 HHR and Boosti would like to thank the children who came to have fun with us at Palloiluhalli!

Photos: Mikael Poutiainen


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