09 Helsinki Human Rights –foundations Difference Makers dance group was chosen to become a part of the Helsinki philharmonic orchestras Sammon taonta –concert production in spring 2015. The young star Klaus Mäkelä functioned as director.

The practicing began in September 2015. The DM groups own instructors Ramona Panula and Andrii Gregul were in charge of the young dancers practices. Choreograph Sara Hirn was responsible for the composition as a whole. The Difference Makers –group also got to know the Musiikkitalo in September and met the Sammon taonta –concert production team.

The last week of practice was held in Musiikkitalo where all the dancers got to meet each other at last. The experience was fantastic and the working method was professional. The days were extremely long and intense. Despite everything, the children, youngsters and instructors came through the week extremely well.

The Sammon taonta –concert is a part of the KUULE!-cooperation of Musiikkitalo. A group of young people was selected to compose a part of the concerts composition. For this composition the Difference Makers and the dancers of Kruununhaka middle school got to create their own choreography. All in all there were 50 young dancers participating from 6-17 years old.

The practice week culminated in a concert which was held on that week’s Friday, 11th March 2016. Everyone was excited: “What if I fall of the stage or hit the orchestra’s instruments?” Terrible visions also circulated among the instructors: “Are we really ready, are we good enough?” The moment came and so the children as well as the adults did a great job and the concert was magnificent. By getting lots of thanks and applaud, it was easy to end the production with a smile on the face.

The 09 HHR Difference Makers breakdance group was founded only last year. During the past year, the children developed into brace and independent dancers. This was the first time that the group worked with classic musicians and ballet dancers. That kind of boundary breaking was challenging even for professional break-dancers.

The Sammon taonta -concert got excellent reviews in the next day’s Helsingin Sanomat, Yle news and the Huvudstadsbladet.

DM musiikkitalo 2


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