HHR is involved in the primary school Halloween celebration on Thursday 11/03/2011 09 in Roihuvuori. Kids are bringing their creepiest Halloween costumes and we are joining in dancing, performances and costume competition. 09 staff and dance teachers Aden, Antti, Sara and Tuomas will take care of the music and entertainment. There will also be a costume contest for the selection of finalists. So be ready!

On Friday, 4.11 09, HHR will welcome a special guest who is a musician, dancer and dance teacher from Sweden. Damon Frost will have a session for school children about his life as an immigrant in Sweden as well as his own experience of dance and music. There will also be discussions on how the students can use their dance experiences positively to influence their own lives. In addition, Damon will visit Kontula dance clubs on Friday.

Great week ahead!

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