Perhaps the most influential phenomenon in youth culture is hip hop and present in Mellunmäki next week. On Wednesday in Laakavuori school, Call out Disco-event offers 7-17 -aged kids and youngsters the chance to meet hip hop-culture and its different art styles and professionals!

In subject is one of 09 Helsinki Human Rights supported Call out Suomi-project concept. Especially what makes it special is that people behind the organizing are the young themselves. A group of 4 youngsters from Helsinki, who are enthusiastic in hip hop gathered together to carry out this project. The team mentor and Call out Suomi-project founder Ramona Panula explained that it was natural to include the youngsters in making of this event.

  • Panula quoted; ”Call out- project is all originally started from the youngsters own ideas and their encounters”

According to Panula, the theme around hip hop works perfectly with youngsters when working as a team, getting to know the community and finding new hobbies

  • Its a youth culture. Except, that the youngsters are already informed and interested in it. Its also an subject, where we organizers and attenders excel the most.

Task for the youngsters during the project is to plan, carry out and take response of the events schedule, program, artist bookings and the event venue. Self made decorations are not prohibited, but revered.

  • The event is being organized in spirit of hip hop and street dance, tells one of the producer teams youngsters, beatboxer and the events ”host” Jan Eeken, and goes by his artist name MC Happyfeet.
  • ”We started planning by asking our selves, what is hip hop, what is part of it and what happens around it”.

Practically with event organizing tasks, the youngsters have received work experience in marketing. The group captured on camera during winter for example their own trailer-video

  • ”An important part of marketing was to solve, what social media sources we want to use, where we spread adverts and what would make the kids want to attend the event”, Eeken describes.

Purpose of the event is to initiate participants in a safe and encouraging environment to the representatives of professional street dancers, DJ’s, graffiti artist and rappers. Panula and the organizers wish that, the advice and support of the professionals would inspire the participants to try different aspects of hip hop-culture and find a new hobby.

Free of charge event – Call out Disco is being held in Mellunmäki, Laakavuori school on 28th of March 16:00-20:30. During the evening on the stage will be performing rapper from Kontula, Hassan Maikal. Program includes also DJ-live music, dance performances- and contest and a work shop by graffiti artists.

The event and the producers are supported by 09 Helsinki Human Rights foundation, Immigrant Youth of Helsinki, Kontula D-Station.

And what are the best 3 things about Call out?

  • Get-together, respect and its really the coolest thing ever, Eeken hypes.

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