09 Helsinki Human Rights foundation offers two-week long summer jobs for 9th graders of Helsinki.

In the upcoming summer 09 HHR will organize sports and outdoor activities in North and North-East Helsinki. We offer work for local youth to get their first work experience. The jobs will include mostly the sports instructing children and youth and related practical work such as cleaning and organizing. If you come from a sports background, you will definitely get a chance to make a use of it at 09!

Fill out the form below and attach your resume with it. You can also send us a WhatsApp-message (lenght max. 1 min) to 045-6130996, where you describe your previous work experience, hobbies, interests etc. and why you wish to work at 09 HHR.

The applications for 2017 summer jobs have ended. Thank you for your interest and have a great summer!

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