The renowned street dancer comes back to 09 HHR to organize dance club workshops this week.

“House” will organize dance workshops for kids from 1st to 6th grade at Jakomäki school on Thursday 16th of November. In the workshops children will get a chance to learn about street dance and urban culture as well as try out new dance moves. In addition to Jakomäki, House will also join as a guest in Difference Makers practice on Friday 17th at Mellunmäki. 09 instructors Hozan Omar and Ita Puusepp will join both occasions as co-instructors.

Junious Brickhouse is the founder of Urban Artistry, which is a foundation dedicated to the performance and preservation of urban art forms. Read about his background more here:

This will be Houses’s second visit to 09 dance clubs. Check out the video from his last visit!

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