09 Helsinki Human Rights foundation’s free summer camps for 7-14 year-olds are back!

The week-long summer camps are held between June 5th to June 22nd. Children can take part in one or more camp weeks. The camp headquarters is located at Malmi Ballsports hall (Siemenkuja 3) and surrounding area. The camps are lead by 09’s own instructors, who are accompanied by 9th grader summer workers. The instructors will take care of the program, participating children and the awesome spirit! We provide children with daily lunch at nearby playgrounds. The program of the day starts at 10am and ends at 3pm. The program consist of various outdoor and indoor activities, games and sports.

Please note that the program is improvised and there might be changes in schedules and activities due to weather conditions, for example. We advise to bring indoor and outdoor clothing to the camp day. The last camp week (19.6.-22.6.) ends at Thursday because of Midsummer holidays.


The application period for 09 Helsinki Human Rights summer camps 2017 has ended. 09 HHR wishes everyone a great summer!

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