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Morning and afternoon clubs

Our free morning and afternoon clubs are held during the school year and meant for children at the age of 7 to 12. The aim of the clubs is provide activities with a presence of a safe adult, a chance to meet friends and try new hobbies. The clubs are held at schools so that children don’t have to travel away from their neighborhoods.

More information: mishel.odeh(at)

Street dance clubs

09 HHR street dance clubs are a great way to try and learn dance moves and skills with our awesome instructors. The range of styles and genres vary from hip hop, locking, popping, house, break dance and more. Children will have a chance to create their own performances and choreographies as they wish.

More information: ramona.panula(at)

Basketball clubs

Like our dance clubs, the basketball clubs are ideal place to start a new sports hobby for free. In the clubs children get to play, compete and experience feelings of success and fun. The basketball clubs are aimed at 3-6 graders.

More information: mishel.odeh(at)