The Foundation’s purpose is to promote human rights, justice and equality in social services, health services, physical education, sports and art. We strive to ensure the equal availability of services to people and assimilation into society regardless of language, culture, religion, ethnicity, age or some other reason or personal characteristic. We oppose racism, discrimination, and violations of human rights.

These targets are to implement the Foundation to provide training and low-threshold sports activities in Helsinki. Operation of the main target group is 7-16 year-old children and young people. We have developed a multi-cultural instructor education (MOK), in which the instructors are given the tools how to deal with groups.

We also act as an expert organization in multi-cultural children and youth issues. We are also developing new models and collaborative networks to eliminate the obstacles that children and young people with an immigrant background might face in their everyday lives.

Antti Olkinuora
09 Helsinki Human Rights säätiö