09’s traditional Syyslomasähinät (“Autumn Break Buzz”) event was held at Malmi Ballsports Hall during the schools’ autumn break week at 16-20th of October.

The event was advertised in local schools by handing out flyers, posters and making regular announcements in school radios. A large portion of the attendees were local children and youth from Northeast Helsinki area.

The event program consisted of five tournament days, which were dedicated to one single sport:

  • Monday 16.10. Futsal tournament, 105 participants
  • Tuesday 17.10. Basketball tournamet, 140 participants
  • Wednesday 18.10. Handball tournament, 80 participants
  • Thursday 19.10. Flagball tournament, 70 participants
  • Friday 20.10. Freestyle-trampoline competition, 90 participants

Despite the high number and large age distribution of participants, the week was a great success.

According to the feedback we received, the kids enjoyed the week’s program and spirits were high. Everybody cheered each other actively and the instructors took care that we showed our support to their behaviour and efforts.

Thank you to Yökoris for helping in basketball tournament preparations and thank you to Arla for supplying snacks to our participants!

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